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Undercurrents is a regular podcast series featuring interviews with Chatham House experts - and others - about the critical underlying issues which are shaping modern society. Hosted by staff from across the institute, each episode goes in-depth on a topic, looking beyond the news to explore the issues shaping global politics.

Chatham House is an independent policy institute based in London. Our mission is to help build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.

Jul 16, 2020

Policy-makers and researchers are daily confronted by violent images that influence how complex political problems are seen and consequently understood. From bodycam footage revealing acts of police brutality, to media coverage of the catastrophic impact of the refugee crisis, depictions of violence and horror spread...

Jul 9, 2020

The meeting that called into being the British Institute of International Affairs was held on July 5, 1920 at the Royal Society of Arts on the Strand. The institute, as noted by Arthur Balfour, UK foreign secretary until the previous year, would cultivate ‘mutual comprehension between different nations and between...

Jul 2, 2020

The 21st century has been a time of significant change for the global LGBTQ+ movement. While same-sex marriage and gender transition are increasingly celebrated in some parts of the world, laws to criminalise homosexuality and gender non-conformity have been strengthened in others. In this episode, Ben speaks...