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Undercurrents is a regular podcast series featuring interviews with Chatham House experts - and others - about the critical underlying issues which are shaping modern society. Hosted by staff from across the institute, each episode goes in-depth on a topic, looking beyond the news to explore the issues shaping global politics.

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Oct 30, 2020

Throughout the world, journalists and other news workers are facing new and growing threats. From the state-sponsored killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the state-led harassment of Maria Ressa, to the suppression of dissent in Hong Kong and the demonization of journalists by the Trump administration, the excesses of the state are endangering the lives and livelihoods of journalists as they seek to produce public interest media. These risks are exacerbated by the viral disinformation crisis which was discussed in Episode 2 of the series.

This episode focuses on the various threats facing media professionals, and consider new initiatives seeking to protect their rights at a multilateral and local level.

Guests include Maria Ressa (CEO and Editor in Chief of Rappler), David Kaye (UC Irvine and former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression), Caoilfhionn Gallagher (QC, Doughty Street Chambers) and Joel Simon (Executive Director, Committee to Protect Journalists). 


Speakers: Caoilfhionn Gallagher, David Kaye, Maria Ressa, Joel Simon

Hosts: Ben Horton, Julie Posetti

Editor: Jamie Reed

Recorded and produced by Chatham House, in collaboration with Luminate and the International Center for Journalists.