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Undercurrents is a regular podcast series featuring interviews with Chatham House experts - and others - about the critical underlying issues which are shaping modern society. Hosted by staff from across the institute, each episode goes in-depth on a topic, looking beyond the news to explore the issues shaping global politics.

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Jul 26, 2018

India is the world’s largest democracy, with more than one billion people and an economy expanding faster than China’s. But the rewards of this growth have been far from evenly shared, and the country’s top 1% now own nearly 60% of its wealth. James Crabtree's new book The Billionaire Raj explores the dynamics behind the rise of a new class of Indian billionaires. Ben met up with James, and Champa Patel from the Asia-Pacific Programme, to discuss inequality, corruption and capitalism in modern India.

A series of scandals involving the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people by individuals working for, or with, the United Nations have shaken the organization in recent years. The issue is beginning to be addressed by an ambitious new strategy from Secretary-General Guterres. Ben and Agnes met Jane Connors, the first Victims’ Rights Advocate for the United Nations, to discuss the difficulties of changing the culture around sexual exploitation both inside the organisation and with its external partners.

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The Billionaire Raj: A Journey Through India's New Gilded Age

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