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Undercurrents is a regular podcast series featuring interviews with Chatham House experts - and others - about the critical underlying issues which are shaping modern society. Hosted by staff from across the institute, each episode goes in-depth on a topic, looking beyond the news to explore the issues shaping global politics.

Chatham House is an independent policy institute based in London. Our mission is to help build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.

Dec 20, 2018

The Undercurrents team are back for a bonus episode!

If you are looking for a fiendishly difficult politically-minded quiz of the year to test out your relatives on Christmas Day then give this a listen. 

Beside much more you will find out:

  • How Rodrigo Duterte offended the faith of millions in the Philippines;
  • How...

Dec 6, 2018


Join Ben and Agnes for the final episode of Undercurrents in 2018. This week they speak to Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, about his recent work on the future of think tanks in the new uncertain political landscape. Up for discussion:

  • How think tanks should respond to the rise of...

Nov 23, 2018

In 2013 China launched its flagship economic project, the 'Belt and Road Initiative' (BRI). In the five years since the initiative has rapidly expanded trade and infrastructure relationships between China and 88 countries in Eurasia and Africa, covering over 60% of global GDP. Ben speaks to the Asia-Pacific Programme's

Nov 8, 2018

The day after the US Midterm elections, Agnes and Ben meet Anthony Gardner (former US Ambassador to the EU) to discuss the state of US relations with Europe, the importance of the special relationship and the likelihood of a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal. Will the Midterm results influence the Trump administration's...

Nov 1, 2018

Soraya Chemaly is a writer and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in culture, politics, religion and media. Her latest book, Rage Becomes Her, explores how women can embrace the anger generated by modern gender relations for positive change. 

Agnes and Ben met with Soraya to discuss among other things...